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"The Patented '3D Comeleon Process'
The company has developed a proprietary and patented process for applying high quality, full colour, digital images or designs directly onto three dimensional objects manufactured from plastic, glass, ceramic, metal etc. (""the comeleon technology process"") .The comeleon process is scaleable with relatively low capital requirements and is capable of being semi-automated so that designs can be produced quickly and cost effectively."

Our patented process involves digitally printing your image onto our specially developed polymer film using our proprietary inks.
The film is then heated and vacuum formed over your product. Our smallest machine is the A4 sized image-box TM. You can also see from the video that bespoke industrial scale solutions can be supplied/automated to meet a variety of needs/outputs so that products can be imaged quickly and cost effectively.
The image transfer takes place by sublimation, ie our ink changes from it's solid state on the film, directly to a gas and permeates the product surface up to a depth of 250 microns.
Metal, glass, ceramics and some plastics that are not permeable are first treated with our patented Image-Through-Gloss system prior to printing, here a lacquer is applied to the product and the image is transferred into the surface of the lacquer.
If required a base coat (white, tinted, metallic) may be applied first. The resulting image, when impregnated into the laquer is particularly vibrant in contrast against the base coat.
Or process gives total, repeatable coverage of complex 3D surfaces with a high quality durable image.
We offer a complete support package working with you right from material selection, through artwork design to prototyping and full production.
Tooling & setup costs are in the hundreds, not thousands, please call us to discuss an introductory run for your products.

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