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How To License Our Technology

Licensing opportunities exist either direct with OEMs or alternatively with their tier 1 suppliers for large volume production runs requiring a limited range of image design options. It is envisaged that revenues could be generated from both a royalty per part as well as the purchase of propriety consumables.

The comeleon technology
The comeleon technology allows full colour digital images to be created or received electronically then transferred by computer software onto a vacuum forming , ink-impregnated film which can then be applied to a wide variety of three-dimensional objects.

Key benefits of the technology include:

  • Full colour, high resolution (1440 dpi) digital images
  • Accurate and high quality registration for imaging complex designs
  • Scaleable to high volume production
  • Cost effective with relatively low labour content, low set up costs and low rejection rates.
  • Digital design process allowing a large range of bespoke and customised designs
  • The resultant imaged product is scratch proof.
  • The process is capable of use in all of the applications where the above
  • procedures are incumbent.
  • Full colour images produced digitally
    • limitless design possibilities
    • high resolution (1440 dpi)
    • registered to fit component, no finishing
  • Quick and flexible process
    • rapid prototypes in a virtual design environment
    • no volume limitations: one to millions+
  • Decoration carried out post moulding
    • cost saving on set up and production
    • easily scaleable


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