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Our Customers

"By offering this innovative 3D Printing solution we are able to offer our customers a personalised printed message on to our branded mouse cover. By working with the team at Empor we have taken on their technical advice of how to design our product, the material it is made from and how the unit is assembled to vastly reduce our product decoration costs and be able to digitally print our 3D Brand each of our product with a personalised message. Working with this energetic organisation and listening to their advise and help has been a pleasure and we look forward to our continued joint prosperity."
Gery Kotthoff

President of Clarion Marketing Inc USA. www.clarionstl.com

"By the nature of our business 'Rapid Prototype injection moulding' we need to offer a rapid response and show our customers what their finished product will look like. Our experience working with Empor is that whether is be simple labels, UV product printing or 3d Comeleon printing Technology, Empor has continually offers a cost effective printing solution for our needs. "

Dave Crone
Managing Director of Omega Plastics. www.omega-plastics.co.uk

Previous users of our technology

Driver product decoration and personalization PDA devlopment of covers

Variety of mobile phone covers and walkie talkies. mobile phones
Mass produced philips shaver decorated housings golf drivers decoration NPI

Largest historic customer. Achieved Internation Approval to produce nokia OK product Garage door remote controls

did you know: 85% of the perceived value of your product comes from branded packaging?
[ Meaning: Don't throw away the brand with the packaging. Incorporate the branding into your product ! ]

With Comeleon Technology (you can),
1 Add value to your products.
2 Increase your brand awareness.
3 Differentiate your product from your competitors.
4 Turn your wildest marketing ideas into reality.
5 Revitalise your existing products
6 Capitalise on your product retail space.

did you know: 100% of Comeleon's Customers are amazed at the technology.
[ Meaning: Let us use our patented technologies to: Keep the branding but loose the packaging]

Comeleon Technology (will),
1 Offer a full range of consultancy and services for the enhancement of 3 dimensional objects of almost any kind.
2 Hold your hand from concept through to completion of your project.
3 We can customise the solutions available, to meet your budget.
4 Turn around projects in a matter of days, Not weeks or months.
5 Offer specialist technical resource in the selection of plastics and printing.
6 We are a one stop shop for all your product development needs.


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